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Beile Test of Information Literacy for Education

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Beile Test of Information Literacy for Education (B-TILED), developed independently, with partial support from Project SAILS and the Institute for Information Literacy and Library Education (ILILE)
Link to the full document B-TILED.doc 
Description:  The B-TILED was developed to assess education-specific information knowledge of undergraduate students enrolled in teacher education program. The instrument is freely-available and is based on alignment of ACRL information literacy standards with the International Society for Technology in Education’s National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS*T). The multiple choice test contains 22 content items (items 7 through 28) that reflect cognitive content. Revision to these items should proceed cautiously and be based on systematic review and analysis. Questions 1 – 6 and 29 – 46 can be modified according to institutional interest.  Time to complete:  approximately 30 minutes.
For more information see:
Beile, Penny M. (2005, April). Development and validation of a standards-based instrument for assessing pre-service teachers’ information literacy levels. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Montreal, CN.


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