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iSkills, offered by Educational Testing Service

Link to information about the assessment  www.ets.org/iSkills

(Click on the "Tour" tab for an on-line demo)


From the ETS web site: Today’s students are part of a technology-savvy generation, but they are often still at a loss when it comes to using their critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a digital environment; a skill set identified as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy.


The iSkills assessment helps you ensure your students are ready for success in academia and the workforce. The iSkills assessment:

  • measures your students’ ability to navigate, critically evaluate and make sense of the wealth of information available through digital technology — so you can make the necessary changes to narrow skill gaps
  • is the only ICT literacy test that assesses critical thinking in the digital environment
  • tests the range of ICT literacy skills aligned with nationally recognized Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) standards
  • helps you identify where further curriculum development is needed so students have the ICT literacy skills they need to succeed


Purpose: Assesses the skillful use of information via technology.  Focuses on mastery of key problem solving and critical thinking skills in the context of technology.


Pricing: The cost per test is $33 from 1-50 tests, $25 for 51-250, and $22 for 251 or more.


Format: There are both core and advanced tests available.  Each contain 15 interactive tasks and scores are calculated from approximately 60 responses divided among the tasks.  Students are allowed 75 minutes to complete the test, and tests can be taken in two parts (35 min, 40 min) to accomodate a 60 minute class period.  The 15 scenario-based tasks attempt to duplicate real-world  tasks.

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