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Portfolio Assessment: Information Literacy Rubric

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Portfolio Assessment:  Information Literacy Rubric, New Jersey Institute of Technology
link to rubric Portfolio Assessment.doc
Description:  The portfolio rubric was used for a New Jersey Institute of Technology outcomes assessment study to provide information about the writing performance of undergraduate students. The researchers examined the portfolios of freshmen students (n = 115) and senior students (n = 125).  The assessment model—based on the relationships established among five independent variables (defined analytically as the ability to demonstrate levels of critical thinking, drafting, documentation, oral presentation ability, and collaboration) and a dependent variable (holistically defined as the overall portfolio score)—was found to achieve an acceptable level of determination for the freshman sample (r2 =.775, F (3, 56) = 64.172, p =.000) and for the senior sample (r2 =.548, F (3, 76) = 32.91, p = .000). The model, as well, did not reveal significant differences among the university’s diverse student groups. The model is promising in its ability to offer a wide variety of shareholders specific information about the ability of students to effectively use information to support their theses.
For more information see:
Elliot, N., Briller, V., Joshi, K. (2005).  Analytic portfolio assessment: A program development model. URL:http://www.library.njit.edu/staff-folders/scharf/AnalyticPortfolioAssessmentElliotBrillerJoshi.doc (Full report)

See also Davida Scharf’s report on the status of the project at: http://www.library.njit.edu/infolit/statusreport_july2006.pdf   

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